Are you moving to another state or just around town?

To help you protect your life’s memories and move with confidence, the following checklist is a handy tool to help you prepare for your move, and understand what you will need to know and do during each phase of your moving process.

Being organized and well prepared for the big day will make the process smooth. Moving companies are supposed to be experts and should take the burden off of you and your family when it comes to moving day.

When moving out of state, it is of utmost importance to know exactly what is in each box so that when belongings arrive at your new home, they can be accounted for.

Below is a quick checklist that contains some of the most important aspects of your moving process.


Ready to Move Checklist

Planning Stage: What To Do Before You Move

  • Obtain the booklet Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move from the mover.
  • Ask for recommendations from neighbors, friends, and relatives regarding the mover.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau regarding the mover.
  • Find out what the mover’s responsibilities are for damages that may occur to your belongings.
  • Ask if the mover has a dispute settlement program.
  • Obtain estimates from at least three movers, and compare cost and all other services to be provided by the mover.
  • Check to determine whether the interstate mover is registered with FMCSA, and has a U.S. DOT number. (should be on the truck doors)
  • Find out how and when pickup and delivery of your household goods will occur.
  • Ask the mover how they can be contacted before the move, during the move, and after the move.
    We always have our phone with us – 267-500-7282
  • Adequately insure your belongings.

It’s Moving Day!

  • Be present to answer questions and give directions to the movers. Stay until they finish.
  • Accompany the movers as they inventory your household goods and resolve any questions regarding the condition of materials being moved.
  • Carefully read the information on the estimate, order for service, bill of lading, inventory, and all other completed documents before you sign them.
  • Keep the bill of lading until your goods are delivered, the charges are paid, and any claims are settled.
  • Before the moving truck leaves, take one final look throughout the house to make certain nothing has been left behind.
  • Give the driver directions to your new house.
  • Inform the driver and the moving company where you can be reached during the move.

Welcome Home, Delivery Day!

  • Be present to answer any questions and give directions.
  • Pay the driver, according to the terms of your agreement, before your goods are unloaded.
  • Supervise unloading and unpacking of your goods.
  • Note on the inventory list all boxes or other items that are damaged or missing before you sign any documents.

Closing Thoughts

Every move is different and has its unique challenges, this checklist can be used a guideline as to what to expect during your moving process. Ask our moving experts if you have any questions, we strive to ensure you are well educated and understand our moving process. Moving is a stressful experience for most, allow us to help you throughout the process so you can rest easy knowing your memories, belongings, and cherished items are handled with the utmost care.

This checklist is can be found on the Federal Motor Carrier Saftey Administration’s website here.

The above suggestions are based on our professional movers experience successfully moving many families over the years.
If you would like to speak with one of our moving experts, please feel free to contact us or give us a call 267-500-7282